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Concession Street
Hamilton, ON


The Zoetic is more than a theatre, it's a creative way of life on Hamilton Mountain. Theatre, interactive movies, dance, live music, magic, and more. The Zoetic Theatre & Creative Arts Company, 526 Concession Street, Hamilton ON  L8V 1A6

The Zoetic - History


We're excited about the heritage of our building. We've already heard many story about its past. If you've got some information on the history of 526 Concession Street and surrounding area, send us a note. 

Robert Bernhardt recently sent us this note: The book Mountain Memories, originally published by the Hamilton Mountain Heritage Society in 2000 and reprinted about 4 years ago has a brief reference to your property. It says, "The building on the corner of Upper Wentworth was reconstructed from the burnt-out shell of the former Daniel Cotter Hotel." The Cotter hotel was built in 1895 I believe and appears in a variety of references to those early days on the Mountain. According to Jerry Johansen's "Concession Street: In Context" a group of Methodist women, who opposed the sale of alcohol in Cotter's Hotel, started a campaign to raise money to buy it out. The necessary funds were raised and the Methodists bought the building and the Mountain went "dry" - a status it maintained for many years. I don't know when the "reconstruction" took place but 526 was operating as the Lyceum Theatre in 1930.

Thanks Robert!

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