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Concession Street
Hamilton, ON


The Zoetic is more than a theatre, it's a creative way of life on Hamilton Mountain. Theatre, interactive movies, dance, live music, magic, and more. The Zoetic Theatre & Creative Arts Company, 526 Concession Street, Hamilton ON  L8V 1A6

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ZED Talk: Love Hate Theory

It's our first ZED Talk, a Zoetic original event focussed on creative growth and development... and of course fun! This talk is aimed at burgeoning amateurs and growth-driven professional musicians alike. It's an educational workshop, Zoetic-style.

Three Steps to understanding, and using, music theory by professional musician and instructor Nathan Fleet. Consider it Nathan's bag of tricks to help you write and understand music better and faster.

“Tools, not rules” is Nathan’s motto when it comes to learning about music theory. Music theory can be easy to learn and VERY creative, if you have the right teacher and tools. 

Nathan has helped over 1,000,000 musicians worldwide with his easy to understand music lessons. Everything Nathan teaches, he will be able to show, by example, on stage using a piano, guitar and voice. 

The video screen will be on so everyone in the audience will get that up-close view. 

As an added bonus, everyone attending will get a free chord / scale chart. “The Chart” has been viewed over 1,000,000 times on YouTube and hundreds have been sold around the world. 

You are encouraged to ask questions (there are no bad questions when you are learning) and please bring your instrument with you as it is often easier to relate these lessons when your instrument is right there. (We ask that you save your noodling for the breaks)

It's years of study packed into a 3-Hour session! 

Sunday, May 27th
Tons of value for $35 per person (plus HST)


Hour 1
You DON'T have to learn to read music to understand theory
Every note in music (there are only 12)
What is the major scale and why is it so important
Chord / scale relationships

Learn and understand Modes
Understanding “Jazz” chords (chords that have 7s, 9s, 11s and 13s in the name) 

Hour 2
Song writing with major and minor keys and chords
How to change key
How to harmonize any melody, in many different ways


Hour 3
Nathan will perform some original songs but will explain what theory is happening, but more importantly how YOU can do this with your own songs. 

How to take a simple 3-Chord song and enhance it