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Concession Street
Hamilton, ON


The Zoetic is more than a theatre, it's a creative way of life on Hamilton Mountain. Theatre, interactive movies, dance, live music, magic, and more. The Zoetic Theatre & Creative Arts Company, 526 Concession Street, Hamilton ON  L8V 1A6

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New Year's Eve Makes History at The Zoetic


Boom Boom Becki (left) and her prison inmate friends

The old year went out with a bang at The Zoetic on Concession Street in Hamilton. "A Roaring New Year's" was the theatre's first event under its vibrant new ownership and also a tribute to the building's early century heritage. 

To celebrate, the black tie affair opened with such cocktails as the "Mary Pickford" and hors d'oeuvres in a stylishly lit setting (decorated by Kelly Bart and her team from Essential Luxury). Then the vaudeville stage show began. 1920s-style host Patrick Persimmons (played by Jeremy Major), took to the stage in a comedy bit along with the washed up Burlesque performer Boom Boom Becki (Becki England) and flailing stage manager Chan (Aaron Lam). The three played out the story of a theatre owner who can't book talent to save his life - literally. 

They managed to get their "show" back on track thanks to a group of tap-dancing prison inmates (Christena Hampson, Melinda Sealey, Samantha Diller, Danielle Rogerson, Amanda Aiello, Sharon Rogers) who performed Chicago's Cell Block Tango. Then when a cop (Billy Lawrence) dragged them off stage, Persimmons' show looked bleak. But thanks to the persistence of Boom Boom and Chan, the show "must go on". 

Cell Block Tango in action

The audience was treated to a variety of performances, including Hamilton vocal sensations Pauline Reid and Mark Leslie with a moving love ballad; Laura and Mikayla performed a "twisted" gymnastic-inspired acro dance; Julianna Diller dazzled the audience with her beautiful solo performance of All That Jazz. 

The hosts for the evening!

Then a surprise arrived... As the lounge party portion of the evening allowed patrons to delight in the taste sensations of Papa Leo's Restaurant and the musical talents of pianist Cole Holland, the great Magician Christyrious worked his close up magic with the crowd before taking to the stage with several grand illusions. His finale trick was not for the faint of heart as he sliced his assistant in three - pulled her apart, and then put her back together again. 

The midnight countdown was a champagne-filled kick-off to not only the new year but also a dance party on the theatre's huge new stage!

Giggle water and merriment in a classy setting made this evening one for the history books.  


(click the images below to enlarge) Photos courtesy of Essential Luxury.