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Concession Street
Hamilton, ON


The Zoetic is more than a theatre, it's a creative way of life on Hamilton Mountain. Theatre, interactive movies, dance, live music, magic, and more. The Zoetic Theatre & Creative Arts Company, 526 Concession Street, Hamilton ON  L8V 1A6


The Zoetic - Blog: As it happens

Sharing the love at The Zoetic Theatre & Creative Arts Company.

Mentalist Ryan Edwards reads Jeremy's mind


In this video, Jeremy gets his mind read by Mentalist Ryan Edwards, who stopped by to tease us about his upcoming show called "Truth or Dare" on August 23.

He also explains mentalism vs magic, and that if he's not careful he may sever his hand in the upcoming show. Uh, we hope not!

Thanks for stopping by Ryan - can't wait!

Founders of The Zoetic Theatre saying goodbye to their theatre creation


Thank You Hamilton.jpg

The Zoetic Theatre on Concession Street has been a vibrant example of how this city has embraced its theatre roots. But come September, the current owners of the operation will close its doors to the public unless a new proprietor emerges to continue what they’ve started.

At first, it sounds like a familiar story in a building that’s seen many incarnations over the years. But in fact, it’s a brighter ending than you might expect.

Christena Hampson and Jeremy Major purchased the theatre building and started The Zoetic in 2013 to compliment their other businesses, which includes a dance studio and film production company that operate in and around the 300-seat theatre space. In the last six years they’ve grown the theatre to sellout screenings, weekly community event rentals, a venue for live theatre, movies, live music, and the site of many film shoots. 

“I do believe Hamilton loves going out for entertainment,” says Major, a film director of 20 years. “It took us a while to find our niche but now we know what we can sell out and make really fun for audiences. And we’re so appreciative for the support.”

The theatre is known best for its sing-along versions of musical movies, bringing in the audience interaction elements and prop bags made famous by The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

So why move on? Today, the dance studio has outgrown its space, and will relocate to a dedicated dance facility near Limeridge Mall, while the theatre business has grown beyond their personal capacities, as the two owners pursue new opportunities to grow as artists themselves. Additionally, they have an increasingly busy family life together. And so, they’ve decided to say goodbye and sell the building.

Their departure will free up several retail units in the building and residential apartments that were used for offices and storage. As well, the theatre operation is available for “someone entrepreneurial,” suggests Major.

“We’ve come to see ourselves as stewards who were, in a sense, here to care for and improve this treasured building and its over 90-year heritage,” says Hampson fondly of the iconic Concession Street building that takes up roughly half a city block.

The owners have invested well over half a million dollars in people, facilities, and professional artists since 2013, boasting that: More than 2500 dancers have performed on the stage, over 1200 hours of movies and content projected on the screen, they’ve hosted Juno award-winning musicians, Oscar-winning filmmakers, and dozens of up and coming talents. They’ve help raise thousands of dollars for local charities and causes, and hundreds of pounds in food donations for organizations on the mountain and in the lower city.

“It’s been a joy to build this business to where it is today, but we just know in our hearts it’s time to move on. Hopefully someone will carry on the torch,” says Major, “and take it even further.”

• • •

Delicious Winter Sing-Alongs arrive!


Warm up from the inside out this Winter at one (or all) of our Sing-Along movies!

We’ve got some audience favourites including our season kick-off with Grease Sing-Along. Get ready for more than singing, we’re counting on your for dancing too.

Then in February, it’s Mamma Mia Sing-Along. Our tribute to the tropical will keep you warm and uninhibited.

At all of our Sing-Alongs we encourage costumes and themed attire!

Check our Show Schedule for more info.

Hamilton Film Fest returns in November!


Now in its 13th year, the Hamilton Film Festival runs from Nov 3-11, 2018 and is a celebration of great movies from Hamilton and well beyond. This year’s theme: DARKNESS.

Get ready for dramas, documentaries, shorts, features and more!

The Zoetic is proud to present several screenings as well as the Opening Night Gala on Nov 3, featuring a live performance by Nathan Fleet and members of the Hamilton Philharmonic!

Festival mastermind - filmmaker and musician, Nathan Fleet

Festival mastermind - filmmaker and musician, Nathan Fleet

Costume-Up for Halloween All Month!


Halloween is coming soon and we love costumes, so we're dressing up all month! Host Becki gives us a little taste of how she likes to transform herself for Zoetic events. What will you become?!

Audition to Open For POESY


POESY Live 3.jpg


We're excited to create an opportunity for burgeoning performers. How would you like to be the Opening Act for POESY when she performs in Hamilton May 11, 2018? Fill out the form below and send us a link to your video audition by April 27 and POESY will help us choose her show opener for May 11th. 

Staff Photoshoot


It's been a while since we've taken a picture of our staff. Goodness knows, they love to get in the spotlight! So we thought we'd do them a favour and give them a little attention. All joking aside, they're great people and they deserve it. And there are several more on the team that aren't even in this picture! If you've been to our shows, most likely you've met these friendly faces. They're one of the main reasons people love The Zoetic!

Becki's Guide to the Basics Social Media Sharing for Technical Luddites


Yes, it's a bit of a long title. But Becki was excited to put together a guide to using social media, so we let it go.

We love it when people use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share their stories and experiences before and after events at The Zoetic. Not everyone knows how, and some people just need a little encouragement. So as the least technically inclined person we know here, we asked Becki to make a video. We figured - if she could do it, anyone can. Her mind was opened to a whole new world... And then she was excited to share it with you!

Bring us into your story so we can share it with the world.

Celebrating 50 Years Since Sgt. Pepper


It was 50 years ago that The Beatles released their ground-breaking album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Their record label wasn't impressed with it, but it went on to be one of their most popular and iconic albums. We're celebrating with a live, one-man recreation of the music as performed by Hamilton's Beatles Guy, Christopher Clause. But don't expect to just sit back and let Christopher do all the work. He'll be getting you involved in this musical trip down memory lane, as he puts his own signature on some of the coolest tunes in The Beatles repertoire.

He stopped by recently (wearing an awesome red jacket!) to give us the lowdown on what to expect June 2nd at The Zoetic.

Coming to Hamilton!


This weekend's Comedy Night @ The Zoetic headliners, Daryn Jones & Dave Merheje, sent us this message from Hollywood!

Host Becki's Crazy Wizard of Oz Sing-Along Costume!


Host Becki is a bit crazy. She also loves making costumes. Put the two together and you have a very wacky ensemble that she was proud to wear at our recent Wizard of Oz Sing-Along. Check out her video to find out what she came up with and how she did it! She's a DIY master.

Memories of Vintage Midnight New Year's Eve


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we thought it'd be fun to tell the story of New Year's Eve at The Zoetic with our favourite pictures from the night. Happy New Year, Hamilton! Click to enlarge.

"Comedic Arts" Level


Comedians Debra DiGiovanni (2nd from left) and Ted Morris (far right) with a couple fans

Comedians Debra DiGiovanni (2nd from left) and Ted Morris (far right) with a couple fans

The consistently great thing about Comedy Night @ The Zoetic is that you literally start laughing when the comic arrives on stage and don't stop laughing until they depart. It's quite miraculous that someone can do that to us. Is it a trance or are we just so ready and in need of a laugh that it's like turning on a tap. Call it a human relief valve perhaps. We spend our days stressfully toiling over all the things that need taking care of and then sit us in a theatre setting and... schplurt! The valve gets released and we bubble over with happiness. But context is important too. You have to be in a place where you feel good and surrounded by like-minded people to feel comfortable enough to laugh out loud. You have to feel like you belong or, at the very least, open. I've been to small comedy shows out of town where you feel like if you don't laugh you're going to get picked on by the comedian. Which is especially troubling when the comedian isn't that funny. Nothing like feeling pressured to laugh at a comedy show. 

There was none of that with Debra! The laughs came often and bountifully... and naturally. And I theorize that this is when comics become artists. When you can fill a room and make the laughs unanimously effortless for your audience, you've reached comedic arts level. Debra DiGiovanni is there.

Thank you Debra DiGiovanni and Ted Morris, her hilarious opener. Boy, was he on fire. This veterinarian turned comic opened a whole new world of material with his day job antics. Debra was as self-deprecatingly funny as you can imagine (and I mean that in the best way possible). She's a gem and her stage manner just makes you love her even more.

We're still laughing. Thanks.

-Zoe Team

Great Community Events this Weekend: A nostalgic concert and a health talk for parents


We've got a couple of great community events happening inside The Zoetic this weekend. They are both open to the public, so we thought we'd share a little of the inside scoop with you today.

On Saturday night, a fundraiser for the King's Way Outreach Center features the legendary talents of The Ink Spots with Deedee Larocque, Miss Bonnie Hamilton, and Sonny Del Rio. A very cool lineup that's sure to bring back some old memories and create new ones! (Saturday, Oct 22 at 7pm)

Learn more >>

Then on Sunday afternoon, Dr. Justin Gallant, ND brings his latest health talk "How to Keep Your Kids Calm" to the theatre. He'll cover helpful topics such as nutrition for children, tips for your child to sleep better, stress, and tons of other great take-home tips. (Sunday Oct 23 at 2pm)

Learn more >>

 Have a great weekend!

Annie Songs Still Stuck in Head


Our Annie Sing-Along brought out some awesome costumed characters for our pre-show costume contest (pictured above). Meanwhile, Glitterbug painted a ton of faces with her beautiful signature style. Then the classic, original version of Annie began with lyrics onscreen. The packed house sang out for all the great tunes we know and love. Surprisingly popular was "We got Annie". It and a couple others resulted in some rousing applause. And today, I'm sure there're a lot of people with "Hard Knock Life" stuck in their heads. It reawakened the kid in all of us! 


Happy Earth Day!


Thanks to Crystal Journey's David Hickey for bringing his Earth Day Full Moon Concert tonight! Peace through music.

Staff Photoshoot - Oh boy!


We attempted to have a photoshoot with some of our Event Team on the stage in the theatre. We did in fact have the photoshoot but things didn't go as planned. Our staff is such a group of characters that the session just became a fun time on stage. Hey, kinda sounds like our events - this team certainly knows how to have a good time!